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10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Why You should Hire a Personal Injury Attorny 

10. Hoop Jumping.

Odds are if you have been contacted by the insurance company you already know that there are several hoops through which you must jump to pursue a personal injury claim. The seasoned attorneys at Wallace & Graham are experienced in navigating the system so that you can relax and focus on getting better.

9. Figuring out if you have a case.

The attorneys at Wallace & Graham have handled thousands of cases and they can advise you as to whether you have a viable claim. Before you pursue litigation, you need to know whether it is worth your time. We can look at your case and evaluate the liability and damages issues with a trained eye. Find out if you have a claim by speaking with a qualified injury attorney today.

8. Investigation, Investigation, Investigation.

When you are injured in an accident, you often don’t know exactly what facts are important in pursuing a claim. Wallace & Graham has the tools needed to track down witnesses, pursue leads, preserve evidence and continually investigate and collect information regarding your accident.

7. Peace of mind.

Being injured in an accident is overwhelming. Between medical appointments, medical bills, calls from insurance companies, and missed work, it is no surprise that you are unsure of how to proceed.

When you hire an attorney, you gain piece of mind knowing that someone is looking out in your best interest while advising you on making the most of your claim.

6. Options.

Most cases do not go all the way to trial. An experienced attorney can discuss options, like mediation and arbitration, if you are seeking to avoid litigation. Some claims can be more effectively resolved with these alternative methods of dispute resolution.

5. Dealing with Liens.

If your medical bills have been paid by your health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, you will likely have to repay part of what they’ve paid if you receive money from an insurance company for your injuries. There are several federal and state laws that govern whether you have to pay these carriers back and how much.

The attorneys and staff at Wallace & Graham can provide guidance and ensure that you are complying with all statutes so that these carriers cannot try to collect money from you in the future.

Additionally, Wallace & Graham attorneys have extensive experience in getting these liens reduced or eliminated so that more of your recovery lands in your pockets.

4. Resources.

Pursuing claims takes money, legal resources, and time. Wallace & Graham is an established firm with bountiful resources that can be used to fiercely pursue your claim.

Litigation costs money and if you have incurred medical expenses and are out of work, odds are you don’t have a lot of spare cash. If an insurance company is not paying what you deserve, Wallace & Graham has the resources to take the claim all the way to trial as opposed to settling for less than you deserve because of an inability to fund litigation.

3. Experience dealing with insurance adjusters.

Some adjusters are unsympathetic and harsh in dealing with injured folks. Others are deceptively concerned with your well-being. But all adjusters have the same job to do – pay you the least amount possible for your claim.

The attorneys at Wallace & Graham deal with insurance adjusters every day. They know how adjusters think and how to make your claim stand out from the pack.

2. Low risk.

When dealing with an insurance company on your own, you are taking a big risk that you will be unfairly compensated for your claim. By retaining an attorney, your risk is significantly reduced if not eliminated. Wallace & Graham attorneys work on a contingency fee basis.

That means you don’t pay unless we recover for you. Further, if we do recover for you, we are paid a percentage of that recovery. As such, we have every reason to work hard and ensure we recover as much as possible for your claim.

1. Better results.

When you want the best results, you hire a professional. That goes for plumbers, painters, doctors, and lawyers.

When you come to Wallace & Graham, you can be sure you are receiving top notch professional work at every step of the process. Experience, resources, hard work, and dedication to our clients often lead to better results than you could get on your own.

The lawyers of Wallace & Graham are all dedicated legal professionals with years of training and experience. Their dedication and compassion have allowed them to become acknowledged as some of the leading attorneys in the Southeastern United States when it comes to automobile accidents, worker’s compensation claimstoxic exposure cases, and defective drug claims. In addition, they have vast experience handling wrongful death cases whereby a loved one has been killed due to somebody’s negligence or wrongful actions.