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Lung Cancer

Exposure to Dangerous Substances Leading to Lung Cancer

Lung cancer can be caused by exposure to dangerous substances and chemicals in a variety of industries.  Far too often, a worker will be exposed to a dangerous substance in the air he breathes, and no one warned him or told him to wear a breath mask or other respiratory protection.  Much depends on the specific facts and so you are advised to contact an experienced lawyer for legal advice on your situation. For free consultation call 800.849.5291 or email us, today! 

Here is a checklist of industries and kinds of work where lung cancers have been reported:

  • Aluminum industry
  • Work around coal tar, coal tar pitch, coke production, coke ovens, coal gasification, other coal 
  • Paving and roofing, work around asphalt
  • Work in a foundry, steel mill, iron mill
  • Work around uranium, uranium mining
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Work around arsenic (working in mining, copper smelting, pesticide production)
  • Work with cadmium, chromium, nickel, beryllium (welding, nickel industry, nickel-cadmium batteries, zinc refining, chromate production, chromium plating, work with iron and metalware)
  • Work around diesel exhaust
  • Painters, house painting, work with paint products
  • Work around radon
  • Rubber manufacturing industry, tire curing
  • Work around silica (mining, quarrying, granite production, ceramic, pottery)
  • Vinyl chloride (production of vinyl chloride, plastics, rubber, resins, furniture makers)

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