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Chemical Related Cancers or Diseases

Associations Between Workplace Exposure and Cancers

We have provided some common associations between industrial and workplace exposures and industry types, and varieties of cancer.  There are other recognized associations between other kinds of workplace exposures and cancers, aside from the ones listed below, so please contact a lawyer if you have a question about cancer and a workplace exposure. 

The list below only includes a nonexclusive list of some of the potential associations and there are additional ones that have not been included in this partial list.  The science is evolving and there may be other important information not included in this list.  Again, please contact your lawyer for additional information. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys please call 800.849.5291  for a free consultation or email us

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Does exposure to chemicals or solvents in the workplace cause cancer?

Unfortunately, cancer can develop without a known reason or cause.  There are many chemicals and solvents used in industrial settings and most of them do not cause any harm or disease.  Some chemicals and solvents, however, have been associated with certain cancers.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a list of substances NIOSH considers to be potential occupational carcinogens.  For example, benzene and certain products that contain benzene have been causally associated with the development of leukemia.  Ethylene oxide has also been associated with leukemia.  Workers exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and coal tar pitch in the aluminum production and coal gasification industries have been associated with bladder cancer, kidney, lung cancers, and others.  If you worked with or around chemicals or solvents in the workplace and believe those chemicals or solvents may have caused your cancer, you should contact an attorney to get more information.    

What options do I have if I was exposed to harmful chemicals or solvents in the workplace?

That depends on what types of chemicals and solvents you were exposed to and whether those substances have been causally associated with causing disease or cancer.  Generally speaking, if your disease or cancer was caused by occupational exposures, you may have a couple of options.  The first may be to file a workers’ compensation claim against your employer or former employer where the occupational exposures occurred.  A second option may be to file a civil lawsuit against the manufactures of the substances to which you were exposed.  Whether either option is a possibility depends on the facts and circumstances in your particular case.  To find out whether you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim or civil lawsuit, you should consult with an attorney.